Being One's Self

The one blog I followed "Vagabond Journeys" is no longer as the man who wrote it died last summer. However, I still remember an entry he wrote that hit close to home and I go back to it from time to time. It's about forgiveness and forgiving one's self. As I sit here this morning snarled up with self-loathing and worries about my future financial status, I realize that it's all just trash that gets in the way of what I have truly put myself upon a path to do: that is to create in both written form and artistic form. When I am engrossed in these actions, whether it is typing this blog or working on upcycling someone's trash or transforming vintage plastic into modern art, I forget about all the crap that's clogging the creative arteries. I simply become what I am. And that's a good thing. It really is.