Being Perfect

March 15, "Being Perfect"  Matt. 5:43-48 Mother Benedicta Riepp

Jesus calls us to try to hit the target--and the target is right relationships. We can show respect to people--our politicians, our enemies, people we do not like, we can avoid gender, racial, and homophobic remarks.  Last night 16 year old Sean commented to me that I treated him like any one else no matter how dirty he is, or where we are--that is the way I strive to be perfect--treat every one with mutual respect.

Will Tuttle talks about Veganism and how to it is a goal to strive for, a goal that brings life and wholeness, and in our time of climate change will assist in stabilizing the climate:

Veganism is actually a spectrum of psychospiritual development, and the most basic level of veganism is refraining from buying foods and products that cause suffering to animals. As our veganism deepens, we realize that veganism is radical inclusion, and that it calls us to act with respect and kindness in all our relations with everyone, all the time.

A tall order! In short, veganism is an ideal that is perhaps ultimately unattainable, but that draws us ever onward to greater love and compassion in every dimension of our lives.

We must, if this process is actually happening in us, be drawn toward veganism, and it is in no way a limitation on us, but the harmonious fulfillment of our own inner seeing.

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!



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