Being A Perpetual Adolescent

There is something seriously wrong with my generation. And I am speaking for myself, as well as many countless anonymous others. I truly hate to generalize...but it's something I've noticed, now more than ever. Even in myself, although I'm a bit embarrassed to state so. What is it? 

We just don't seem to want to grow up. We're perpetual adolescents.

Of course, I have to narrow myself even further here. I know people from other demographics or backgrounds- people emerging from more trying circumstances, too- have had to mature faster out of neccessity. Have had to stand on their own two feet much longer and more often. I admire these people, honestly. I wish I could emulate them. And others in different cultures and society have had a contrasting hand dealt to them, true. Take a look at the unfortunate phenomena of child soldiers, for example. And the child sex trade, even, which is alive and well right here in America. 

So let me rephrase my earlier statement. There is something wrong with my middle class somewhat priveleged generation. There we go. Imagine Friends and add two decades onto that. Yeah, that sounds about right.

I don't know if it's really anything new or groundbreaking. I mean, my god, I'm not a sociologist. I'm just an armchair social observer. 

But look at us and our general "failure to launch." Yeah sure, that's a pretty swell role for Zooey Deschanel in an overally terrible film, but it happens everyday. I remember thinking, pre-graduation, "well I'll live at home for a few months and then I'll get this great job in a real city and then I'll be gone! bwahaha!" NOT SO FAST THERE. I know I'm not alone in this scenario; lots of my friends are still with their parents, too. 

I tried to get out, I sincerely did. But that blew up in my face, like a handjob gone miserably wrong. 

This is just one small sector of the bigger issue, however. And that happens to be one purely borne out of financiall neccessity. Trust me, I love my parents to death and I think they are swell people. But living with them? Hearing them speak? Seeing them every morning? Not ideal! At all! 

My friend recently told me about the apartment she shares with her boyfriend. Fairly adult, right? Up until the part about a "man cave," a.k.a. a place for him to go and play his video games. This is a pretty common theme in this American life. 

We play video games still, crazily. We live with our parents. We obsess over the latest in social media (to be fair, so do people well older than me).