Being Picky Doesn't Mean Having Good Taste

For some reason, curation is all the rage. It's probably because  there is too much of everything. There's too much content about food, fashion, music and the like. Now everyone looks to the curators for direction. Curation is not new.  There has always been a select group, often self-selected, who have decided what is cool.  I don't have a problem with that.  We could also use a filter.  However a filter is not the same as an edit.  It seems that the curators, the influencers and the tastemakers have take it upon themselves to be picky.  What I mean by picky is to only deem a certain number of people, or certain area or certain group of things.  The curators do the editing first.  For example, if spring fashion is all about pastels, then the curators have decided that only the  color blush pink should be considered.  They are other pinks that are complimentary, but this is the only one deemed cool.  Another example is when kale was the ONLY leafy green vegetable to eat.  The curators are missing out on the big picture or dumbing down the choices because they think we can't handle the variety. 

Another thing about being picky, it is more focused on what you don't like  instead of what you do like. Have you ever been around someone and the whole time they talk about what they don't like? I interviewed for a job with a woman, and she went on and on about what she didn't want in a potential employee. As I was listening, I kept thinking that she would be difficult to work for because she is too eager to say what she doesn't like that what she does like.

For example, I don't like wedge sneakers, but I LOVE high top sneakers.  Wedge sneakers are not my cup of tea, but I don't begrudge anyone for wearing them.  I like sneakers so if I ever found wedge sneakers to my liking and the price was right, I would buy.

You can be picky and have a curiosity to learn new things.  Explore more; edit less. That's how you develop good taste.




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