Being Prepared

Do you ever sometimes wonder while walking through the mall with your kids, "What would I do if right this second alien invaders attacked firing vaporizing guns that made people burst into ashes like they did in War of the Worlds - the new version"? Or, worse...what if they are the creepy spidery things from  Cloverfield that inject you with something that makes your head explode? from Alien with the crab-thingy that tries to suction itself to your face so that it can implant a parasite in your belly that will burst out of you after gestating!

Really, how do you protect your kids from that kind of rudeness?!?!

Or, you ever imagine one morning you are driving your kids to school and notice that overnight half the population turned into flesh eating zombies who roam the streets looking for their next meal...and they spot your car?   Yeah, what do you do THEN, huh?

Do you every imagine what you'd do if a giant tsunami flooded the town and you had to wade through waist deep water to get your family safely to higher ground, knowing that there HAS to be sharks in that water - BIG ONES?

Oh, oh...or, let's say you are sitting in the movie theater with your kids and that earthquake that separates California from the rest of the united states hits OR a madman comes in with an Uzi and has a meltdown right there in the you find yourself coming up with a plan, JUST IN CASE this stuff should happen? Cause it could, ya know.

Are you one of those people who is a sucker for disaster and post apocalyptic shows, such as: War of the Worlds, Zombieland, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Shaun of the Dead,  Falling Skies, etc.?

Do you ever prepare for the outlandish, ridiculous, highly unlikely or improbable disastrous events (while making absolutely no effort to prepare for the likely, as in...not having an earthquake preparedness kid while living in California)?

You don't?!?! either....


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