Being Ten Again

I discovered when I return home to visit my Mother for an extended time that I revert to my ten-year old self. In the past week I have gotten accustomed to my Mother making my coffee, baking my favorite treats, and the biggest perk is a late night trip to the dairy bar for ice cream with sprinkles.

I also enjoy my quiet time and relish my morning walks. It was on my last walk I returned home over an hour late and was reminded as I entered the house.

“Where were you?”

“I was on my walk.”

“You were supposed to be back over an hour ago!”

“Well! I took the back trail of the cove and forgot how long it would take me.”

“Don’t you realize there are bears on that trail?”

“Yes! Yes! I do! But luckily for me I didn’t see one!”

“Well! You should know better next time!”

“I do know better!”

I then stomp off red-faced with my coffee and hop into the shower to cool off.

It is at that moment I revert from being a calm adult to an exasperated ten-year being told what to do, where I should go, and what time I am expected to be home. At those moments I take a deep breath realizing parents will always worry about their children regardless of age. It's just a fact of life that I will always be her ten-year old kid!

Do your parents ever make you feel like you are ten?


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