Being vegetarian in the modern natural living world

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Anyway, vegetarianism. I'm going to be honest here, this is something I've struggled with lately. I've been a vegetarian longer than I haven't, it'll be 14 years in August. I've done a metric ton of research and I feel that my diet is pretty good, I've had my diet 'peer reviewed' and my iron and B12 levels checked by the doctor, so I feel ok with that aspect. But the more I read the more the seed of doubt gets planted in my mind. I don't think I could ever eat meat again, I couldn't stomach it physically, emotionally or morally, but what if a diet with animal products is healthier?

I made bone broth for my family, and I know its benefits, but I can't look past where those bones came from. My dad is crazy about his cod liver oil, but there's that first word, cod. Even if these animals were humanely slaughtered I don't think I could ever be ok with it. 
The only way I've been able to calm my mind is to keep reading. I've changed most of the fat in my diet to saturated thanks to coconut oil and butter, and I've started brewing kombucha. But I need to keep looking for ways to replace the benefits I'm missing out on.
Is anybody else out there vegetarian? How do you deal with this kind of thing?

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