Bel Canto and Making New Friends

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[Editor's note: Have you ever been a bit afraid to let your booklover flag fly? Starting a new job is always a bit nerve racking. You never know what your new co-workers will be like. If your lucky maybe you're like Emily and have made a friend because of a book you've brought to work. - Karen]

Bel Canto: One Badass Book

Last week one of my new colleagues stopped me in the hall to talk about a project. I was on my best behavior: no slouching, no sarcasm, no wild hand gestures, no uncontrollable babbling about tacos. We talked shop for a minute and then she turned to me and said quite seriously “I saw that you have Bel Canto in your cube. Isn’t it an amazing book?”

bel canto ann pratchett

My eyes widened and I hugged her on impulse while simultaneously shaking her slender shoulders. “I have been DYING to talk about this book” I squealed.

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