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I saw an article today that was all about "vision boards" and how they can be used to motivate and inspire you - keeping you focused on your goals and dreams.  OK, so I admit that I only got about two lines into the article before it lost me because it involved being crafty...and seeing how I'm more at home with power tools than I am arts & crafts, I figured the only way I'm getting a vision board is if someone else envisions and makes it for me.  HAH!

But, that's not to say that the article didn't get me thinking.  What can I do right now, that's quick and easy, that will help me in times of need, when the doubt and fear creeps in, to stay grounded and centered?  My answer was to print and hang this proudly next to my computer:

This is the course map for the USA Cross Country Championship race.  I've looked at it a few times, trying to picture it in my head so I can best prepare, and now I have it prominently in a place of honor to remind me of what I'm working for.  It's not some beautifully hand crafted, matted & framed vision board - but I think it's perfect just the same.

People keep telling me how excited they are about my race, how awesome it will be.  It will, and I can't wait...but then again I can because I'm pretty sure I'll feel nauseous at the starting line.  But, I WILL be at the starting line.  Believe It & Achieve It.  It's my new motto.  Feel free to refer to it, borrow it, and live it yourself...set a goal, believe in it and yourself, and no matter what the outcome you will have achieved something.

Envisioning success...
 - Shelly


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