Belly-Warming Risotto

I can't think of anything better than standing over the stove (actually, I like to pull up a barstool), stirring a big pot of risotto, while my family chatters about their day and music plays in the background.  It's all about creating an atmosphere of comfort and security.  Nothing produces this feeling better than a steaming pot of belly-warming risotto.  Yes, risotto takes a little extra time to cook, but the execution is simple.  

All you really need is some arborio rice, olive oil, broth, and cheese.  For the rest, just dive into your fridge and pull out whatever veggies you have on hand and, if you like, the leftover chicken or meat from last night's meal.

My favorite combination is sweet Italian sausage, red peppers (roasted if I have them), and asparagus.  Here's my award-winning (okay, okay...sausage-winning) recipe, along with with clear descriptions and pictures.  I hope this recipe provides you with a feeling of wellness like it does for my family.

Cookin' Canuck 


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