Sexual Assault: NFL Player Ben Roethlisberger Isn't Getting Away With It This Time

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When yet another woman stepped forward and accused two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, Ben Roethisberger, of sexual assault, the National Football League was forced to take action.

I tend to work with SportsCenter running in the background. That is what sports writers do, right? Okay, maybe not all of us, but people rarely accuse me of doing things like normal people. On Friday, I was writing with the television on, and I noticed them talking about Ben Roethlisberger and sexual assault and I figured they were just rehashing the old story, but no - this was a new incident. A 20-year-old college student said that the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback had sex with her in a club after she said no, while Roethlisberger's bodyguards were keeping her friends away.

Ben Roethisberger

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Ben Roethlisberger was accused of raping Andrea McNulty in Lake Tahoe back in 2009, and now he has been accused of sexually assaulting another woman in Georgia in 2010.

There had been a lot of talk about Roethlisberger being suspended by the NFL, but maybe the commissioner would wait until after the draft this coming weekend. Now that a 500-page document has been released and witnesses have stepped forward, Roger Goodell is going to be forced to suspend Big Ben sooner.

Neither of Roethlisberger's accusers are pressing charges. In fact, the criminal investigation has been dropped by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, because the charges could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but Andrea McNulty is suing Roethlisberger for sexual assault in a civil case.

So Ben Roethlisberger will be suspended by the NFL, which seems like the very least that they can do, and more of a punishment for the Pittsburgh Steelers than for Ben.

Roethlisberger has never been found guilty of raping anyone in a court of law, but this looks bad. I don't know how long the NFL will choose to suspend him, but we should know by Wednesday.

Authorities in Georgia decided not to prosecute Ben after recent allegations of rape. They didn’t say he didn’t do it, they just said that they didn’t think they could get a conviction in a court of law ... while no charges were filed, it’s obvious that Big Ben is losing in the court of public opinion.

“After you read the file and you listen to the player, the only conclusion you can come to is that what he did is unbelievably stupid,” one of the league sources told Cole. “How could he have really thought this was a good idea?”

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And like Blue Star Chick from Chicks in the Huddle says:

So no, sitting out two or four games is not helpful. Like Michael Vick, like Pac Man Jones, he needs to take responsibility for his actions and get some help and realize like they did, playing in the NFL is a privilege and NOT a right.

Because if there is a “next time” instead of being in an NFL uniform, Big Ben will find himself in a orange jumpsuit.

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