The Benefits of Dieting With Your Teenager

Recently my 16 1/2-year-old daughter and I embarked on the Atkins diet together. In this day and age, parents know it's not good to nag a child about their weight for fear of leading them straight to anorexia and body image problems, but I was able to get her to try this diet without any nagging-- I simply mentioned someone who'd had amazing success with it while in her presence (I think I was talking to my husband) and she got excited about it.  I needed to change some unhealthy habits and lose a few pounds myself, and so together, it's been a win-win situation.  There have been more benefits than I expected, not just to our waistlines.  Find out what they are, and also about other non-nagging ways to get kids interested in health and nutrition at my latest post at and join the discussion.