Benjamin Franklin's only surviving house ... here in London

The only surviving residence of the great Benjamin Franklin  anywhere in the world is to be found here in London on a quiet little street that runs from the Strand down towards the Embankment. Today it's called Craven Street, although in Franklins' day it was known as Spur Alley.

It's not a flashy abode; it's quite humble and cosy. But back in the day it must have been a colourful, boisterous establishment what with Franklin using it as America's first de facto overseas embassy, the landlady living there, receiving her visitors in the front parlour whilst her son-in-law ran his anatomy school from a shed down at the bottom of the garden and dealt with the infamous body-snatchers  who sold him the bodies of the newly dead, which had been illegally dug up from their last resting places for the good doctor to practise upon.

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