Bentonite Clay Detox

Okay, so we all know the importance of detoxing, right?  With all the chemicals and toxins that are everywhere in our fast-paced society today, cleansing and detoxing is necessary to achieve good health and fitness.  Unfortunately, we live in an instant gratification type society.  Everyone wants it now, with a side of convenience of course.  That immediate want and convenience comes at a price, and that price is our health.

With so many processed foods with preservatives on the market, fruits and vegetables with pesticides and herbicides, pollution in the air and water and the chemicals in the products that are supposed to keep our kitchens and bathrooms clean, it is no wonder that our bodies are being overloaded with toxins.  Our bodies are made to be well oiled machines.  Toxins and chemicals can and will comprise that.

Bentonite clay is a very effective and natural colon cleanser that I use.  This clay can be ingested in the powder form, or you can purchase liquid calcium bentonite clay.  I like the liquid calcium bentonite clay because it is more convenient in my opinion.  Consuming the clay will eliminate toxins in the body by absorbing toxins as it passes through the body.  Bentonite clay is an alkaline substance so when it is consumed it neutralizes the body’s acidity.

Bentonite clay is extremely safe.  You will definitely see an improvement in your health and energy.  Other benefits include; aiding in constipation, bloating and gas.  Once you feel better and the more energy you have, you can go out there and exercise like you never did before.

Cleansing can help with flattening your tummy too.  This was a huge problem with me, after years of subjecting my body to toxins and chemicals, it became manifested in my belly.  This is because excess waste and toxins can accumulate making one bloated and give the impression of a protruding tummy.  That is what happened with me.  After I had my kids, I lost weight everywhere but my belly, and I could not understand why that was the case.  After doing a TON of research, I realized I needed to detox.  This is key to a flat tummy.  All the crunches and sit ups are not going to make a difference if you are bloated because of toxins in your body.

This clay is very beneficial for optimum health.  It also has cosmetic benefits as well which I will talk about in a forthcoming post.

Till next time…detox and keep the body running like a smooth machine!  Visit me for more


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