Bereavement & Social Media

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Kathy Benson
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Kathy Benson
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Bereaved and Blessed (formerly Four of a Kind)

I wrote this post last year, on August 17, the day of a funeral for a fellow blogger's husband who had died unexpectedly. One of the widow and my mutual friend's "live tweeted" the funeral and my post talks about my experience following her tweets. I was very honored to have this post syndicated on BlogHer in September. That version is called Tweeting a Funeral: A Step Too Far or a Space for Comfort? The new title reflects the differing views on this topic and there was a very interesting discussion that went on in the comment section. 

I appreciate why "live tweeting" a funeral is controversial and appreciate the varying perspectives the commenters shared. That said, I stand by what I wrote in my post about why I believe that live tweeting a funeral, at least in this instance, was an incredibly beautiful, thoughtful and compassionate thing for my friend to do for her friend and a fellow blogger.

I hope my blog post will encourage those who think there is no place for social media in an event such as a funeral (as I did when I first heard about this), to consider the ways it can bring comfort, peace and healing to those who are grieving the loss of their loved one(s).