The Best Android Apps of November

Throughout November we've moderated more than 2,000 educational and entertaining apps, for kids of all ages.

Sadly, we don’t have time to review all these apps for you, but here's a taster of some of the best we've seen throughout the month, and haven't had the pleasure of telling you about yet!

For Preschoolers:
Toddler Butterfly Burst is a cute game aimed at 1-2 year olds, to help them with their coordination. They have to try and squish the butterflies, which then burst into pink sparkles on the screen. The kitten also purrs and meows when stroked!

Grandpa's Workshop is a great game for kids aged 2-6 years. It teaches them basic math (including simple fractions!), and colors, in a fun environment with a dancing grandpa and his wacky tools. There are 7 games in total for your kids to enjoy!

Grandpa's Workshop

For Juniors:
Launch Boy is a great game for young kids to enjoy. He's a superhero who soars through the sky, and crashes down on criminals throughout the city! Your kids can help him catch the bad guys by bouncing down on hoodlums and robbers, but watch out for Mom and Dad, because if they catch him, it’s game over!

Launch Boy

Interactive Time Telling has been created for kids up to 12 years, to help them learn how to tell the time, on both analog and digital clocks. There are 8 different clocks within the app and a quiz to test your little ones on time!

For the Older Kids:
Going Nuts is a great game where kids must keep their squirrel on target as it manically flies through dense forest in search of acorns. Watch out for bad nuts, TNT and owls and fly as far as you can. This app has fun 3D graphics and loads of power-ups for your kids to take full advantage of!

Going Nuts

Tappily Ever After will enchant your kids as they try to rescue Princess Primrose and bring true love back to the Kingdom! She's been kidnapped on the eve of her wedding and it's up to your kids to save her. They can create a fairytale page by page, build up their kingdom and tame mythical creatures!

Other apps we discovered and recommend in November are:  Fruit Devil, Barnyard Games for Kids, Akinator the Genie and Burn the Rope.


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