The Best Arcosanti Thanksgiving Ever!

Today, Daddy visits Me & Mama at Arcosanti; making this the Best Arcosanti Thanksgiving Ever!

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There are lots of beautiful people all dressed up, like Francesca from Italy, Flor from Portugal, Dr. Sparks from Port Townsend, Washington, and Geraldine from France.

In the evening, we watch a Night Pour, where hot, liquid metal is poured into specially crafted Solari bell forms, in the dark, at night! 

Next, some friends of ours from Arcosanti go with us to visit Vortexes in Sedona. We visit Bell and Cathedral Rocks. Rock-on Sedona!

We're having a fabulous time at Arcosanti and you can too. Join us 362 days a year, here at Arcosanti! Hope to see you soon!                

Did you know: Paulo Soleri developed a "peripatetic" philosophy surrounding the urban laboratory of Arcosanti. Paripatetic is associated to teachings as far back as 335 BC with the philoshopher, Aristotle.

Peripatetic (noun) - a traveling philosopher as was the title bestowed upon Aristotle as early as 335 BC. Peripatetic School was an informal gathering place of great "philosophical & scientific inquiries" of Peripatos, later referred to as Peripatikos, followers of the Peripatetic.

In Paolo Soleri's words, from Arcosanti, an urban laboratory?, "...peripatetic is a program as lofty as the Peace Corps..., if not more so."

This was Paolo Soleri's intent for the Minds Garden at Arcosanti, a gathering place for great "philosophical & scientific inquiries ("

Thank you for following!

Have a wonder-filled day!

Next blog, more on Arcosanti!

Love you all,


Mama is a Registered Nurse and provides Respite Care for the elderly.

(360) 250-9010

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