A Best, BEST Friend

It was my first day of Kindergarten. The year was 1990. My mom brought me into my classroom. I remember, my legs felt like rubber. My mom left.

I saw two girls playing in the corner of Mrs. Klar's classroom. Priscilla and Jenna.

Last night I met a friend to celebrate her 29th birthday. Her name is Jenna. Yep, the same Jenna I met in 1990. I'm proud to say we have maintained a "best friendship" through the last 23 years.

Jenna opened her gift bag. Inside was one of our "notebooks". This particular notebook (we had MANY), was dated 1996 in the first entry. Together, Jenna and I flipped through pages of our many entries to one another. We laughed at the magazine clippings we had pasted in this book. There was a Pantene ProV shampoo bottle cut-out; oh, how we laughed at how "uncool" we were....

Sitting there with Jenna, I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort, gratitude, and pride. How we managed to stay THIS close over the crazy years of our incredibly different lives, is beyond me. This is my best, BEST friend.

I will say this though: make time for the many relationships in your life. New and old. It takes EFFORT, time, and energy to make plans. Our hearts are in the right place, but often our exhausting lives prevent us from the ever important conditioning of our relationships with one another. We made the effort and we laughed our asses off. We were taken back to our innocent (and often not so innocent) lives and reminisced.

Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Jenna. May I have the honor to write another blog post in 23 years of our everlasting friendship of 46 years.



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