BlogHers Are Funny: Just Read These BlogHer '10 Pre-Conference Tweets

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Jackie from EducatingJackie with a hashtag confession.

I am WAY to excited to work today twitter #ileftearly #donttellmyboss #blogher10less than a minute ago via txt

Claire ( is bilingual.

Excited for #BlogHer10, but please forgive me if I start conversing in baby talk. It's my first big girl event in a while. #newmomfuntimezless than a minute ago via web

So is Jaime from BlondeMomBlog.

I'm sure that when I talk about NYC now to my husband I sound like all the adults on Charlie Brown. #blogher10less than a minute ago via web

Yes, Erica (MommysStillFabulous), it does.

Everyone's #blogher10 wardrobe includes Spanx, right?less than a minute ago via Echofon

JoAnn (TheCasualPerfectionist) knows baggage.

There are two types of luggage: Carry-on and Lost. Plan accordingly. ;) #BlogHer10less than a minute ago via HootSuite

Yourdailyblarg’s Stephanie on the essentials.

May not have room for my Snuggie in suitcase. I hope there's a walgreens in midtown where I can pick one up. #snuggieemergency #blogher10less than a minute ago via web

Diva Incognita has a very simple request.

My damn limo driver better be named Alejandro this time. #BlogHer10 #thistimeIwantaSEXYdriverless than a minute ago via web

You know, Jess (Shuggilippo), in my experience, champagne often leads to unintentional half ponytails.

Handling my unintentional half ponytail situation. Here's lookin' out for the complimentary champagne chugger guys! #blogher10less than a minute ago via UberTwitter

Denise, if she starts folding her dirty laundry, call someone.

This teenager is weird. We get to our room and the first thing she does is start ironing her clothes. Mutant child #blogher10less than a minute ago via BlogHer Chatter