The Best Christmas Gift EVER!

The Best Christmas Gift EVER!

Every gift which is given, even though it be small, if in reality great, if it is given with affection.  ~Pinda

Me & Kyle at Santa's Workshop. I got a big hug this year... Kyle always gives me the best gifts ever! 12/5/12

Last Wednesday was Santa's Workshop in school, and as tradition dictates I work a half day when Kyle is scheduled to shop.  I do truly love helping the kids and seeing them all excited over purchasing gifts for their family members.  Kyle sees it as a way of guaranteeing him additional gifts to give away.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, because I know his intentions are the most sincere, he thinks of everyone in the family.  Of course he does include himself in that mix.  What a stinker!

When I first started working Santa's Workshop, Kyle was in the first grade.  Even though I never missed a Christmas Season, Kyle would look surprised to see me working every year.  Although for this shopping event, Kyle told me the night before.  He said it with enthusiasm and almost as if he expected me to be there.  Well, I was way ahead of him making sure I took the morning off.  Kyle said, "O wait Aunt Heather, tomorrow is our Santa's Workshop."  Playing coy, I responded, "O ya?"  He continued, "Ya but I'm not sure what time.  They just told us."  I started to chuckle.  If he thinks no one told the kids in advance about the shopping day ran by the PTA, he couldn't be more wrong.  Calling him out on this, I said, "Kyle I doubt if the school never mentioned it to anyone before hand.  I bet you got a letter sent home and you didn't know it."  He really didn't deny it, but I could tell he seriously was just reminded of the next days schedule.  Just to play with Kyle a little I said, "Well, honey that's kind of last minute, what if I had meetings setup for tomorrow?  You're telling me about this the night before."  He kind of shrugged his shoulders as if to be blasé about my comment, like he didn't care, but I could tell he wanted me to go.  As to not upset him, I broke character and said, "Yes I was planning on going.  Do you think I would rely on you telling me when it is, in advance?"  Kyle just smiled from ear-to-ear.  He asked me, "How did you know?"  I told him I reached out to a PTA mom and made sure she put me on the list when he was scheduled to shop.

Me & Kyle at Light Up Night in Pittsburgh 11/2011

As the kids filed in by class, I always look for familiar faces.  That gives me an indication if they are part of Kyle's class or not. This year, I was posted at the gift wrapping table, unlike my previous duties of helping the kids pick out gifts and manage their moola.  I guess that's a promotion!  While I was sitting there ready for the next group of young shoppers to grace us with their presence, Kyle rounded the corner with a huge grin on his face.  After he completed his first round of shopping, Kyle came and got me to get the rest of his gifts, Gigi, pappy and Aunt Nikki.  Of course Kyle always thinks of Seven and Scooby grabbing them a Christmas gift too.  I'm thinking he forgot about Storm, not that she would care, nor do I care.  What came next really made my heart fill with warmth and love.

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