The Best Clothes For A Triangle Shaped Body

When you have a triangle shaped body, your hips and thighs are bigger than your shoulders and bust. You've probably heard your body described as pear-shaped. At AbbeyPost, we refer to the different body types as geometric shapes since there isn't a fruit for every body type, but there is a different geometric shape for every body.


When you're plus size, it can be tricky to know which body shape you are. Plus size may be a term that tells you which stores and departments will have clothes that fit you, but it's not a body type. You've got curves, but which of your curves is curviest determines your body type. You can tell if your body is triangle shaped by standing back from the mirror and looking at the outline of your body. If you can imagine a triangle outlining your body from your head to your knees, then you're a triangle.

If you're still not sure, watch our video on Figuring our your body shape.

A-Line Dresses

Jan Tanury, owner of plus-size boutique Botticelli likes, "to see a woman with a triangle shaped body in something that shows off how little she is on top." An A-line dress does just this. A dress with, "a tighter fit on top with a fuller skirt will fit better and help you avoid alterations."

Or, as stylist Ronit Abraham puts it, "For pear shaped women, I generally love A-line skirts and dresses because they are fitted on top and roomier on the bottom where you need it."

Stylist Erika Chloe of My Image Expert says that, "A-line dresses and skirts are great on pear shaped women because they camouflage an area they'd rather hide." Not that you're tricking anyone into thinking your hips are smaller than they are. Instead, you're avoiding making your hips look bigger than they are with a too-tight skirt.

AbbeyPost Made to Measure makes so many A-line dresses because they're so flattering. AbbeyEmilyKellyJuliaReginaVeronika, and Michelle are all A-line dresses with different sleeve and hem lengths. Since they're made to your measurements, they all give you the extra room you need around your hips while perfectly fitting your top half.


Wrap Dresses

Erika Chloe also recommends wrap dresses for women with triangle shaped bodies. Not faux wrap dresses, but real wrap dresses that you can tie as tight or as loose as you need to. That allows you to make the top of the dress tight enough to fit your smaller top, while still giving you the extra room you need below the waist.

All AbbeyPost Made to Measure wrap dresses are true wrap dresses. And since they're  made to your measurements, they'll fit your top without any bulky extra fabric. RachelKim, and Holly offer different sleeve lengths. Rachel is an a-line wrap dress, so it's perfectly suited for any woman with a triangle shaped body.

Empire-Waisted Dresses

Empire-waisted dresses also give you extra room where you need it. Jan Tanury likes them on triangles because ,"they create a smooth line instead of a cupcakey look."

Since AbbeyPost's Made to Measure empire-waisted dress, Cassandra, is made to your measurements, the skirt is just full enough for your body so you don't get lost in a lot of extra fabric.


Stylist Erika Chloe of My Image Expert says that, "Separates are very important [for triangles] because you're a different size on the top and bottom." It's a quick way to make sure that your clothes fit you properly.

But Jan Tanury doesn't like separates on a woman with a triangle shaped body. "Separates can break up the line of your clothes and emphasize the difference in size between your top and bottom." You can somewhat mitigate that effect by wearing separates of similar colors, like black and gray, or brown and tan instead of contrasting colors like red and black.

Pants Are Not Your Friends

When you have full hips, pants can make your hips look even wider than they are because they're narrower at the ankle than at the hips. That narrowness at the bottom creates an inverted triangle shape on the lower half of your body.

If you want the comfort and convenience of pants, try wearing leggings under skirts and dresses. Or try wide-legged pants - the added volume gives you the same visual balance as a full skirt.

And don't forget fit. Ronit Abraham explains:

"A common problem for pear shaped women is that their hips are wider than their waists.  So the waistband might be loose while the pants fit great in the thigh area.  But you can always tailor the waistband more.  I’ve had some clients wear belts to make the jeans tighter around the waist but this can add heft to that area.  I’ve recently found pants with an elasticized waist for my pear shaped clients and that works great!"

The same goes for skirts.

Just Say No To Pleats

Especially box pleats. As Jan Tanury puts it, "When a box pleat is open, it's really open." And that can make your pleated skirt look too tight and unflattering.

Seek Balance

When you have a triangle shaped body, you can add some volume to your top half to visually balance out your look. Ronit Abraham says, "You can do this by wearing tops with shoulder details like ruffles." Don't be too literal with this - adding too much extra fabric up top can make your clothes overwhelm your body. You don't want to bulk up your top half to match the size of your lower half. You just want to add a little bit of bulk to lessen the imbalance.

Avoid necklines that make your top half look smaller. Ronit Abraham suggests that you, "avoid halter-tops and go for straps that are wide set which help create the illusion of balance with wider hips."

You've Got Options

No matter what body shape you have, it can be all too easy to focus on the clothes that are unflattering on you instead of all the clothes that look great on you. Especially when you wear plus sizes. But once you know which silhouettes work with your triangle shaped body, you can have some fun with your clothes. Erike Chloe says, "If you have the right cut, then you can focus on other details," like color, embellishments, and accessories.



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