The Best Crater Lake Holiday Ever!

Today, we visit Crater Lake first thing in the morning. Our car thermostat reads 21 or 28 degrees, “or something like that,” Daddy says. Mommy wants to get out and take a picture but I’m not going out there, its cold! Mama wraps me up in my blanky and we take a peek-a-boo look at the lake. This is my first visit to Crater Lake and Daddy hasn’t been to Crater Lake since he was “very, very young.”

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Did you know that Crater Lake has no streams entering or exiting the lake? Yep, according to the interpreter signs, the lake is completely snow and rain fed and it’s very blue color is due to how deep it is. Crater Lake used to be called Mt. Mazama before it blew its top, actually “collapsed” its top, “7,700 years ago,” the sign says. Crater Lake is also along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Mama’s hiked through here in her PCT hiking days.

In Bend, Oregon, we have a second breakfast at Rockin’ Dave’s Bagel Bistro.  They have breakfast all day there and everything was so delicious. We had the corned beef hash with perfectly cooked eggs, home-style potatoes, and a cranberry bagel with cream cheese.  Mama says, “That’s the best corned beef hash she’s ever had,” and I liked it too!  I knew if I held out long enough, Mama would give me the good stuff.  Thank you Rockin’ Dave’s!

Tomorrow is my Birthday and we have over 4500 visits to our blog!

Thank you all for visiting with me and have a fantastic day!!

Love you all!


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