The Best Dads on Television This Year Are A Complicated Lot

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Ethan Duncan, Orphan Black

Ethan Duncan in Orphan Black via BBC America
Image: BBC America

Complicated in the blinded-me-with-science way. Orphan Black is questioning everything thing we think we know about mom and dad tropes, pathways to being born, nature vs. nurture, and on and on. Duncan is the mack daddy of the clones, though we don't know at this point what that even entirely means. He was one of the geneticists responsible for Project LEDA along with his wife Rachel, and they also served as adoptive parents to clone Rachel. He didn't do a great job raising her, to say the least, but he does seem to want to help the health crisis the clones are facing, so that earns him a Father's Day nod at the very least.



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