The Best Dried Chillies!

Photo credit: Nancy Anne Harbord

Today I want to introduce you to one of my absolute favourite online food shops, Chillies on the Web, which I am very excited to tell you has just become one of this blog’s sponsors.

Run by Steve Alexander, a man who has truly found his calling selling beautiful dried chillies, of the highest possible quality, from all over the world.

The chillies I have bought there over the last couple of years have been consistently amazing. Fragrant, richly coloured, powerful but with incredible nuances of flavour. And so much variety! I am very reluctant to promote anything on this blog that I cannot completely throw myself behind, so I am incredibly happy to be able to work with Steve – who has the best customer service I have ever experienced, by the way – to share with you the joy of fabulous chilli.

Last year, for my brother’s thirtieth birthday I bought him The Ultimate Chilli Pack. It contains practically every dried chilli and seasoning powder they carry on the site and it is epic. My bro arranged it all in a special ‘chilli suitcase’ so he would be ready, whenever it was needed, to add gorgeous spicy flavour to any lacklustre dish.

Steve very kindly sent me my own Ultimate Chilli Pack to play with this week, and my flat has been redolent of these beautiful seasonings ever since. Best air freshener ever!

Chillies on the Web primarily sells chillies from Mexico, the US, India, and China, ranging from huge, dark, flavour-rich but mild chillies, to the very hottest chillies that grow on earth. There really is something there for every palate and heat tolerance, so don’t be put off if you’re not quite as much of a hot chilli fiend as I am. He does some lovely Mexican oregano as well (pleasingly medicinal) and a few different seasoning mixes he blends himself if that floats your boat.

Steve is currently waiting for the new harvest to come in, when his shelves will be newly stocked with just picked, just dried pods of tongue-tingling deliciousness. So you can be assured that the pods you are getting will be just-off-the-tree.

So there is definitely a bit of a chilli theme coming up here on Ramsons & Bramble. I will be exploring the best chilli growing regions, the different flavour profiles out there, how to get the very best flavour out of them and the best dishes to add them to. And more!

Finally, I am very pleased to announce that Steve has kindly offered readers of Ramsons & Bramble a permanent 5% discount on anything ordered from his online shop (not including shipping), to use as many times as you need chillies! Score! To take advantage of this, just enter the code ramsonsandbramble5% at checkout.

Visit Steve’s wonderful shop – he ships all over the world – and take a look your self.