Best Gift Ideas I Never Had + Judge Dismisses Twitter Stalking?!

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Hi everyone,

Elisa, Jory and I hope your holiday season is warming you from the inside out this year. I say that while knowing from reading your blogs that the economy is hitting some of us hard and family illness and loss is hitting some of us harder. Especially to you -- you know who you are -- we send our best wishes for a meaningful holiday. Whether you are holding memories close or building beautiful new ones, we hope you find the ideas shared by other BlogHers below the toast of the season. Here goes...

Best Gift Ideas I Never Had

holiday gifts

The good news for last-minute cooks, crafters and shoppers like moi: Our Holiday Countdown Calendar, curating ideas from BlogHers across the Web, has gotten even better. Heck, thanks to this thing, I have two new projects for my week off that I love and may even buy a few gifts that aren't even books this year! (Insert collective gasp from my family, yes, boys, Santa KNOWS when you are reading...) Check us out:


Posh Little Gifts Under $100

Maegan Tintari is my new fashion mag

Gift Guide for Girls of All Kinds

Got her roller derby on? We got her covered.

What Moms Really Want for Christmas

Oh, snap...

Give Kids the World with Multicultural Gifts

Harmony. Not Sanctimony. Ahh.

For Sports Fans and Fitness Fanatics

For running off The Calendar's dangerous daily recipe.

Give Experiences, Not Stuff

Real, new ideas, thank you ClizBiz!


10(+) Gifts for Teen Readers

Sassymonkey: Still the hottest librarian in BlogHerSphere

Great Gift Cookbooks: My New Orleans

Would I rather eat a beignet or roll around in a bed of them? 


How To Make a Homemade Cookbook

This is how I'm spending Wednesday, I swear.

Top 5 Gifts for Yarnies

Insider's guide to those with cashmere thumbs

A Gift Guide for Scrapbookers

More than just paper

Want more? Here are my fave links from November, when I wrote that BlogHer recommendations were saving me time, money and cheer.

Judge Dismisses Twitter Stalking, Says Is "Protected Speech"?!

fail whale by

And BlogHer Editor in Chief Stacy Morrison's not having any of it:

"It's amazing how technology and electronics, and the role they play in our lives today, can be misunderstood and misconstrued. And here's a doozy, and an upsetting one at that: a federal judge has dismissed well-known Twitter cyberstalking case, citing that the Tweets were protected under free speech.

Read more

Best Gift You Can Give Yourself?

Usually I recommend taking off without accepting or reading email. But this year I recommend something different. Read Melissa Ford's Give Yourself the Gift of a Self-Hosted Blog. She writes:

You've been thinking about it, I know you have. You eye those people's blogs who have a url sans Wordpress or Blogspot, and you wonder if you should do the same. You know, self-host. Maybe it's just low on your priorities list and you're busy. Maybe you're overwhelmed with the idea of self-hosting. But this is the time of year to give yourself a gift, and I'm going to encourage you with this gift guide to give yourself the gift of self-hosting. Read more

C'mon. You deserve it.

Congratulations, Jory!

Last but not at all least, I'd like to congratulate my co-founder and BlogHer's President, Strategy Alliances, Jory Des Jardins, who joined me on Working Mother's List of Most Powerful Moms in Social Media. Watching Jory become a mother to unbelievably adorable and clearly talented earth-angel Olive has been one of the gifts of 2011 for me. 

Thank you so much to Working Mother Editor Helen Jonsen (@workingmotherhj) and Author Leah Bourne -- it's such an honor to be included in this prestigious list. 




for Lisa, Jory and Elisa

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