Best Gifts for Extreme Couponers

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Wondering what to give that extreme couponer in your life this holiday season? Hey, she's saving you money. Let her at least be cute about it. (Who are we kidding -- of course it's you, so, hello? Take some of those dollars saved and gear up for a big 2012 of couponing!)

Rita's Extreme Couponer Gift Guide

First up: The coupon binder. I myself am using an extreme ugly, marked up, cracked plastic accordian folder. I have to fold the Internet coupons up weird and forget anything from a restaurant -- it won't fit. Plus every time my daughter touches it, the coupons end up all over the floor. Sound familiar? Check this out!

coupon binder

Photo credit: Glowgirl16 on Etsy

This little lovely fits over the cart and comes with stickers and folders and everything. Super cute. $18.

Next: Did you know scissors could fold so you don't stab yourself to death rooting around for them in your binder or give yourself paper cuts trying to rip them in half while balanced on one foot at the register? I didn't, either.

folding scissors

Photo credit: Lacis safety scissors

So cool! Stainless steel pocket safety scissor: $4.50

Do you print out lists of stuff you want to remember and then forget what you're doing? You need a pen and a highlighter in that cute little bag.

flower highlighter

Photo credit: Sorting With Style

This doubles as a way to entertain your kids while you're looking for the right coupon. $7

According to Popular Mechanics, these puppies write upside down, frozen and underwater. I'll bet they also write on shiny newspaper inserts.

underwater pen

Photo credit: Amazon

Of course you need a dozen. OF COURSE YOU DO. $17/dozen

You're done! Victory! You got conditioner for thirty cents! But oh, no, it's Sunday morning and the paper just came. How to plan your menu for next week around all those awesome coupons? Hang them on this.

Menu Planner

Photo credit: Jilted Lovers on Etsy

Damask menu holder: $10

You could actually put the coupons there! With what you're making! Genius.

What am I missing?

Rita Arens authors Surrender Dorothy and is the editor of Sleep is for the Weak. She is BlogHer's assignment and syndication editor.


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