The Best Health Product You Haven’t Heard Of

Glute Master? Check. The Extreme Juicer? Check. Gluten-free everything? Yes, I’m aware. My television seems to push tons of products that I don’t need on me, but I was shocked when my friend told me about this one.


I had never heard of water ionizers before—which shocked me because they offer more benefits than any product I’ve seen on The View or Today show by tenfold. You can view the water ionizer on Amazon, but here is a break-down of what ionized water can do for your body:


1. Keep your heart healthy- An alkaline diet, meaning one consisting of foods with a pH level higher than 7, has proven to reduce heart burn, acid reflux, diabetes, and heart disease. The reason for this is that your body is naturally alkaline, and consuming acidic foods disrupts the natural body chemistry—increasing acid production.


2. Increase your energy levels- Acidic foods are also linked to negative impacts on cellular function and energy production. Your body will also deal with the excess acid by taking calcium from your bones—an extreme assault to your health in the long-run. A pH diet includes mostly vegetables, fruits, soy, tofu, and non-processed grains while avoiding meats and processed foods. Worried about these limitations? The alkaline diet is not as harsh as it sounds; you can still have beer and wine (in moderation of course).


3. Fight congestion- Allergy medications don’t work for everyone, and may be masking an underlying problem. A simple change to foods with higher pH levels is linked to less mucus and congestion. No more sniffles for you.


4. Prevent ovarian and breasts cysts- Women with a history of ovarian cysts, breast cysts, or other problems with their reproductive organs can reduce their future risk by consuming an alkaline diet. While the majority of these women will already be on birth control pills to prevent cysts, those who choose not to use the pill can improve their breast and ovary health by avoiding acidic foods.


5. Lose weight and tone up- Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrowswear by alkaline lifestyles to keep their fit, slim figures. This isn’t a choice that requires suffering though; Beckham even publicly tweeted about her love of an alkaline cookbook. Reggie Bush and Chris Hemsworth also steer clear of acidic foods when preparing for the field and silver screen respectively.


6. Reduce the chance of cancer- Several research physicians have spoken out about reducing the likelihood of cancer by maintaining high levels of oxygen within cells—a process caused by consuming alkaline foods and water. These higher levels of oxygen prevent cell mutations and the subsequent development of cancer—particularly colon, ovarian, and pancreatic.


7. Improve athletic performance- A greater consumption of alkaline foods and water is linked to less muscle cramps and twitches, as well as higher retention of electrolytes. Even if you drink an entire vat of Gatorade and stretch for hours each day, you need a good foundation for those practices to actually matter.


Ionized water is an easy way to transition to a more alkaline diet for better health. Just as easy to use as a water filter, it’s a simple change (much like eco-friendly light bulbs or fat-free milk) that can make a huge difference.


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