The Best Invention

There have been a lot of great inventions in this world -- the automobile, the airplane, the lightbulb, the toilet. You know you think the toilet ranks up there with the top inventions too. All of these inventions have made modern society  ... modern.

There is one invention that is often overlooked that has changed the world. Most people don't think about it or even bother to use it despite the fact that it could revolutionalize their lives.

That invention is the electric toothbrush. Invented by a Swiss genius in 1954, the electric toothbrush has made oral hygiene more fun. That's why I'm voting for the electricc toothbrush as the best invention ever. Found out more about the electric toothbrush here.


Life is all sunshine and sausages with The Mooch.


Life is all sunshine and sausages with The Mooch.


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