The Best-Laid Plans

This weekend my cousin went to visit his mom, so except for dinner with my father-in-law on Friday and church on Sunday, I had pretty much three and a half days with no plans. So my plan was to paint the bay alcove in my bedroom, re-hang the draperies higher and wider than my nephew hung them, and clean out some of the STUFF in the spare bedroom.

As Robert Frost says, "The best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglee" and that is sort of what happened. I knew I had to take the draperies down, since I was having a fellow come and tint the windows, so I figured it would be a fairly quick project to paint the bay, and then hang the draperies higher since I was going to have them on rings instead of just the rod.

I hung one panel on the rings to see how much higher I needed to put the brackets. I measured it twice, because I did not want them to be dragging on the floor - too much temptation for little kitties. And because the brackets were too close to the window edges in my opinion, I moved them over to as far as I could and still allow for the little corner joint thingie (technical term). Measure? Oooh no, I eyeballed it because I am good at that.

So I painted a little bit on Saturday after the window guy left. Used up one of my sample jars. I figured the other jar, plus maybe another one to be purchased, would do it. The fellow at the home improvement store talked me into a quart on Sunday afternoon. I finished painting this morning. Late morning, but still morning. I barely used any of my quart. Another sample jar would have been plenty.

Oh well. Maybe I'll paint that big red cube so it's not so GLARINGLY out of place. I'll have to figure out how to do it without it falling apart - I've had the thing since 1978 for goodness sake and it was meant to see me off to college. And I don't think it was intended to be permanent furniture, if ya know what I mean.

Anyway. I put the curtain brackets up in their new places, and I PUT THE CORNERS TOO CLOSE. So. I took off the corner joint thingies after a couple of hours and just put end caps on one side of the bay. The other side is too close even for that, but I am not planning on having people climb up there to inspect my work. And the draperies still drag the floor.

Since I measured from what was already there, I am going to pass the buck and state that the brackets were not installed evenly from the start. Because the side I measured does not drag, but the other three sides do. Lesson learned - maybe I should have measured all the sides.

Then, I got online and saw that the quilt I had been looking at for the summer was on sale for $30 off. I asked online chat if I could get it at the store so as not to pay shipping, and was told to sign up for emails to get free shipping. Lo and behold, when I did that I got another $10 off plus the free shipping! And I still have money left on the gift cards.

So now my bedroom has taken a decidedly feminine turn, and that is fine. I seem to be settling in and putting my stamp on it, so maybe I am going to stay. I know after I prayed for direction, a second totally disinterested party (my tax lady) advised me not to sell the house and buy another one. After all, my husband and I worked really hard to provide this house and make sure it was paid for. So it would be sort of mean of me not to keep it. And I might not be able to get as nice a neighborhood in a smaller house. I really like it here - it's quiet. And church is three minutes away.

But I digress. The part of my plans that didn't happen was the working in the spare bedroom. After roughly 642 trips up and down the ladder, plus sitting on the floor to paint under the windows, I just could not do it. I feel as if I'd been rode hard and put up wet, to use a very descriptive phrase. My arms and legs are tired, and I could use a neck rub. So that project will have to wait again.

The next thing on my list is to sell both the cars, and buy a new one. Soon. Like in the next week or two. How that's going to happen with a short week this week, and two business appointments in town next week then (two days later) a trip five hours away for another business appointment and some family business, I have no idea. Plus I need to sell my sister's silver and send her the money, and get a copy of my husband's will from the bank to prove I am his sole heir so I can keep all the hotel points we were saving, and fiddly stuff like that. I don't think I am going to be bored!

We'll see what plans God has. See if mine line up with His.


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