The Best of Meet With a Smile

Meet With a Smile
Here are a few posts I've chosen that I think will help you get to know me better as a person and as a blogger. I've learned so much on this blogging journey. Although, it's just a hobby, I love every aspect of the blogging life. I have much more to learn, of course, but I hope you continue on this journey with me! xoxo
1. Our Love Story: What girl doesn't like a great love story?! Well our's is a little different.
2. Lola-The Best Dog in the World: A little brag sesh on Lola, whom I also call fatdog. If you love your dog(s) as much as I do, go link up here!
3. What dance taught me: There are many things in our lives that provide us life lessons, and dance certainly has provided me some great ones.
4. 10 Encouraging Scriptures: We all need encouragement sometimes, and these are some scriptures that I absolutely love.
5. 5 Reasons I'm Glad I'm Not a Vet:  Some occupations are not for the faint of heart...
6. Photoshopping Skinny Models! What?: The fashion industry is a crazy hungry beast full of starving, beautiful girls!
7. My Favorite DIY pins: Need a DIY for Summer? Try these on for size!
8. 10 Ingredients for a Healthy Marriage: We've been married for almost 2 years (June 24th) and these tips have helped so far.
9. Learning Forgiveness: This takes practice. Bottom line.
10. 8 Ways to Show Gratitude: We all need to be reminded sometimes to be thankful and gracious.
I hope you've enjoyed reading these, and I hope it was a chance to get to know me better!
Do you have a favorite post of your own? Share below and I'll go check it out!