The Best Nevada City Visit Ever!

Today, we went to Nevada City on the advice of a successful real estate investor who gave Mama a ride when hitchhiking while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Cousin Solla and Auntie ‘T’ also want to move there. So we thought we’d go check it out and see what all the big fuss is about.

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We did some interviewing of some local residents.

We asked Rich, a resident of Nevada City for 29 ½ years, “What can you tell us about Nevada city that would help us decide whether we would want to live here?” He said that there is:

  • No night life, a ghost town at 10 o’clock at night.
  • No work here, the backbone is retirees. They spend money and they don’t need a job.
  • A diagnostic imaging center here that is one of the 10 best in the country.  
  • Both Nevada city and neighboring city Grass Valley are now charter schools.
  • If it snows, they’re the last to get road cleared. I like snow days.
  • Rich got about “4 ½ feet of snow over the course of last winter.” 
  • Within a 10 mile radius you can pretty much pick out any type of terrain that you want. You could be at 1000 feet or 4000 feet. You can pick out the type of trees you like.  In Penn Valley, it’s oaks and grass; in Cascade Shores or Banner Mountain it’s all pines and cedars. You can adjust your temperature by elevation with a 30 minute drive.
  • People try to buy local but it’s just 45 minutes to Sacramento and you can get anything you want there.
  • San Francisco is just a few hours away with everything imaginable there.
  • Lake Tahoe is only an hour and a half away.
  • Crime is fairly low.
  • Fire danger extremely high.
  • For the first time in history of the entire county from Truckee to Lake of the Pines, you cannot buy a new car. They have all gone out of business.
  • The rents are so high, it’s hard to keep people in business.

Jilline, who has lived in Nevada City for 2 ½ years, says she really likes the school system here. Her middle school aged daughter, Jozie, attends a home study charter. Jozie says she likes living in the Nevada City area because it “provides a lot of opportunities for kids to do things” like “the Young Composers Program at Music in the Mountains” that provides a music program to encourage young musicians to compose by having their compositions performed by professional musicians. Jozie plays violin and a “little” piano. Jozie’s a little humble about her musical talent as her mother mentions that Jozie composes on the piano. Jozie says she uses the piano “as a tool to compose music, because violin isn’t that easy to compose on. You can do it but it’s easier to see the relationships between the notes on the piano."

Evan, a young man in his early twenties, visiting “home” from Idaho, grew up in Nevada City. When asked if he would move back to Nevada City if he had the choice, he said he would because “feels comfortable here.” He has “so much extended family here that this is his safe place, his sanctuary.” He also says, “people here are really accepting” and helpful.

Evan believes happiness comes from being “comfortable with who you are” and that “the world shapes who you are and how you act.” Mama’s likes to think we have control of both, “the chicken and the egg.”

We have dinner at California Organics which also has a health food store attached to it. They serve delicious wholesome food at reasonable prices. The guy at the California Organics store said that if I was any cuter, I’d “need a license.” Daddy says that I’m a “most excellent dog.”

Tomorrow, Lake Tahoe!

Until then, thank you all for visiting with me today and have a fantastic day!!

Love you all!


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