Best Pancake Recipe

Though I love my berry-speckled, flax-filled, whole-grain-and-then-some pancakes, sometimes you just gotta make fresh pancakes with regular milk and white flour.  That's where this recipe comes in handy.

Start with two bowls.

In the first bowl:

2 Eggs

2 Cups milk ( I use whatever milk we have; soy, almond, condensed etc..)

4 tbsp oil ( I use butter.. shocker)

4 tbsp sugar

splash vanilla

In the second bowl:

2 1/4 Cups flour

4 tbsp baking powder (yes.. 4 tablespoons)

sprinkle of salt

**as with any recipe, you can substitute the heck out of this one and get exactly what you want.  You should start with this recipe just to see the yield, then change it up from there.  Like I said, they are basic, and will change easily, depending on ingredients and cooking method.  Have fun with it!**

Mix the wet and dry together and whisk well.  The batter will develop quickly and you're ready to go!

Start with a good-sized skillet, warmed to med/med-high heat, prepared as you prefer.  I like to cook pancakes in coconut oil, just to add that flavor and some extra nutrition.  As you'll see, it's greasy!  Substitute cooking spray or a dry skillet if you prefer.

They begin a bit runny.

But they rise nicely.


::more drool::

And though my plating leaves a lot to be desired, here they are.  Simple and sweetened with honey, just how I like them.

Though they are crispy outside, they are very "cake-ey" inside

I gave you a recipe large enough to fill a one quart mason jar after you make this breakfast.

Homemade pancakes at your fingertips.  How's that for instant??

Happy Monday!

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