The Best Part about being Furloughed

Today is day *EIGHT* of the government shutdown.  Although I am not excited about the reduced paycheck, I have enjoyed the time off.  I have been sleeping in, and I have laid around in my jam-jams for hours.  I’ve actually eaten the food I bought at the grocery store, which is a novel enterprise for me. 

I know I shouldn’t be enjoying the shutdown.  I should be mad at Congress and questioning my “non-essential” status at work.  But, I’m doing neither of these things.

Honestly, for me, this whole thing hasn’t been so bad.


Here are the four best things about staying home from work:

1.  I get to have a Food Network Marathon, every dang day!

After watching hours of Food Network episodes, I finally get enough conviction to do something productive, like research for my upcoming papers or clean something…..or shower.  Then, it happens.  Intro music begins playing, and a new chef appears on my TV.  She begins cooking Chilean Sea Bass.  I’m in awe.  I need to know how to pan-fry Chilean Sea Bass RIGHT NOW!!!!!  What if a nice Sea Bass, from Chile of course, began swimming north, passing by Machu Pichu, hung a right near Panama (where I hear there is a shortcut), dodged the plethora is Caribbean Islands and ill-fated Carnival Cruise ships, turned left just past Puerto Rico, and swam toward Baltimore???  Then, of course, the good fisher-people in Baltimore would ship this oh-so-fresh fish to my local Giant, and I could have the opportunity to buy it.   (Uh….isn’t that how all fish arrive at Giant?)  Then I would need to know how to cook this worldly fish.  I can’t abandon the TV-watching now.  (Of course, I would be too intimated to buy and cook the fish in my own home, but I’d like to know that I could if I wanted to!)

2.  I have plenty of time to get caught up on grad school stuff.

When the government is up and running, I work full time.  I also go to grad school full time.  Three days a week, I head further into DC and go to class.  This is my first semester, and there have been many decisive moments when I’ve thought, “Yep, I’m the dumbest one here.”  So, in addition to my normal readings and papers, I really need to read the Wikipedia article on Napoleon and the French Revolution.  I’m also doing a ton of research on Prison Radicalization, so if you want to chat about that, let me know!!!  And, if you were ever radicalized while serving a prison sentence at a DOJ correctional facility, I’d love to have an interview….in a Starbucks…..where there are a lot of people….and my friends from the CIA.

3.  I get to stay up late.

Normally, I don’t stay up late.  I go to bed around 9 or 9:30.  Yes, I’m serious.  Don’t judge me.  I’m tired.  And, I require a lot of sleep.  I don’t know how people can function off of 5-6 hours. I need a good 8-10, every night.  Staying up late means that you get to sleep in, which is one of my favorite things to do.  I also get to watch great TV that I normally have to DVR.  I’m talking to you, Homeland!  Plus, I get to talk to my sister, who somehow doesn’t require sleep.  And, the other day, I got to talk to my beautiful friend in Japan on FB Messenger.  (Hi Kienan!!!)  These things can’t happen if I have to get up early and go to work!

4.  I have a more time in the day to be creative.

I really, really want to be creative.  I do.  Seriously.  But….I’m super lazy.  Oh, and I’m in grad school, and I’m quite busy cooking Chilean Sea Bass.

I’ve watched a dozen TED talks lately on creativity, and I’ve been so inspired.  Then, last night, I went to see Elizabeth Gilbert promote her new book, and I was totally inspired to be creative!

I really want to make my blog great, and I want to write everyday.  I want to live in a creative space and produce miraculous work.  I’ve also been watching a lot of Oprah and Brene Brown.  I’m thinking of taking their e-course on creativity.  Would anyone like join me?


All-in-all, it’s been a nice eight days.  Yes, I do want my elected officials to get their act together and make a decision, but for now, I’ll be in my jam-jams.


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