Best Part of My Day ~ Changing Perceptions

School is back in session and I was partially excited and sad because that means another year they are getting older and more peaceful house with just the preschoolers. I woke up this morning dreading another day to take the kids to school and another tough of war with why didn't I just homeschool them this year?  But when I came back home to sit down the preschoolers to go over their letters, it hit me that having just these two around allows me to focus on just them and they get the attention they need. Watching the boys do their writing and eager to learn their ABCs I'm glad that I didn't put them into Pre-k because I know they are not ready to be in a social setting. They struggle with it at home with their siblings and each other. With the older kids gone I can focus on what they need. I can only imagine how they would behave in a school setting with new kids they've never meet.


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