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I'm like Jenny Chiu of Mommy Nani Booboo -- I just can't quit BlogHer '13 quite yet (go watch the video and come back -- so funny!).

So I've been reading the panel transcriptions, and just had to share the nuggets of wisdom I've come across so far. BlogHers floor me every year -- so smart, prepared, powerful, willing to share. Read on for my favorite quotes. I'll be adding more as I find them, and stay tuned: We should also be getting the presentations attached to these transcriptions by next week.


Elisa Camahort Page Gale Anne Hurd
Image: Danielle Tsi Photography

I believe in the power of the personal narrative to change the writer and the reader. And so I believe every story matters. So the most important advice that I have for people is to be yourself. Be you, tell your story. Because that's the one that people really want to hear because you're the only one that can tell it.
--Vikki Reich, Anatomy of a Story

Go after your dreams, don't let anyone tell you no. I started out not knowing that I could achieve what I did, and you know, and it was that one mentor.
--Walking Dead Producer Gale Anne Hurd, Closing Keynote

If one midlife blogger does well and refers to others, then we created a wave. Magic. And they see that we are a real market. You can't be a market force of one person. You have to be a market force of millions of women. We're just beginning. And we're just starting it in this room. It's powerful.
--Chloe Jeffreys, Midlife Bloggers

My mother did not cook. So I have never grown up feeling like I needed to keep up with my mother. That's kind of what we're all doing. Trying to be the ideal of a mother who never really existed.
--Lisa Belkin, Glass Ceilings, Work-Life Balance and other Working Woman Worries, brought to you by Intel Media

The proudest moment of my career was when I hosted President Obama at Facebook to do a live town hall to all of America using a live streaming service that makes me happy. I got nominated for an Emmy for it but I lost to Anderson Cooper shirtless in a ditch in Haiti. How can you win against that?
--Randi Zuckerberg, Makers and Creators Keynote

I turned on a computer for the first time, when I was in college taking computer science. I had no concept what computer science was. I actually thought that doing computer science was Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel really really well. I always use myself as an example of a person who wasn't born into computers at all. And I'm like a CTO now. It is all a mindset game, and just really being passionate about what it is that you want to do, and seeing the future and the opportunities. It is all in your head.
--Nelly Yusupova, Girls Code

Next time you're about to call your daughter bossy, take a deep breath and say, "My daughter has executive leadership skills."
--Sheryl Sandberg, Saturday Morning Keynote

Finding my voice, continuing to put my voice out there -- whether I get a comment on that post that gives me the goose bumps or not, I'm still a success. I don't need to charge the 200. I don't need it to be re-Tweeted 87 times. I just needed to say it and I just needed to press publish, and that to me is sometimes all the success I need.
--Jenna Hatfield, Unmarketing Manifesto

Wow, there's a lot of small, very intelligent phones out there. These are very, very intelligent women with intelligent phones to match. Brilliant phones, genius phones.
--Queen Latifah, Voices of the Year Community Keynote

So I want to just remind you, that as people in this room you already are social media leaders. Why? Because you have two things. You have digital power and you have a digital platform of influence. Please don't take that for granted.
--Ananda Leeke, What Type of Social Media Leader Are You?

Blogging Wisdom

BlogHer '13 makers
Image: Danielle Tsi Photography

The first step toward being a nonprofit is to gather a board of directors, your advisors who will help you through this process. It's hugely important to reach out for that as a founder, because it means you're sharing your vision and you're hoping to inspire and get the work of others, but you're also going to be bringing their ideas to your work. You know, you're bringing in this village and that's awesome because you have a village now, and it's also hard because they want to hold the baby.
--Deb Rox, Ad Hoc Advocacy vs. Non-Profit Structure

The average person stays on a website for less than 30 seconds. You want them to be on your website for at least two minutes. If you can get them on your website for more than a minute, you're doing something good. If you can get them there for two minutes, they're there. They like you.
--Luvvie Ajayi, WordPress Plugin Essentials

The reason I chose to like blog about sexual violence and racial violence is that I have found this to be true across borders: Everyone who has lived in a marginalized community, they have faced some sort of racism or sexism. And people can recognize themselves with it.
--Ayesha Sultana, International Activists

Everybody likes a good rant. But a rant and an essay are different.
--Rita Arens, Turning Blog Posts Into Published Essays

I'm uncomfortable, always, before I post one of my political or more controversial posts. I always feel uncomfortable before I hit "publish." I don't know, I mean, I've been doing it for years and I still feel worried right before I hit "publish." If we're not struggling with it then we're not approaching it with adequate respect for all for all the feelings that exist around an issue.
--Alex Iwashnya, Blogging the Unbloggable

Technical Wisdom

BlogHer '13 panel
Image: Danielle Tsi Photography

The worst case scenario, is you are shooting at an event, something that happens in time and cannot be recreated after you do your interviews and you leave that event. All of your hard work, all of your investment in travel and preparation, and preproduction, it all resides on your little 1 inch piece of plastic and metal, the SD card that comes out of your camera. So you want to treat that like gold.
--Julie Yamamoto, Video Production 101

One of the best suggestions that I ever heard was to pick a favorite song and take the first line of the song and take the first letter of each word and change one or two of them to capitals or numbers in a way that's going to make sense to you because that's a password that it's not going to be in a dictionary, right? It's not going to be one of the most hundred common passwords, but you're going to be able to say to yourself, "I can't stand it. I know you planned it. I'm going to set it straight this Watergate."
--Skye Kilaen, Disaster-Proof Your Blog

Brands, Books, Interviews, Pitches

If you have an interest in having a deeper and a larger relationship with [a brand], speak up and say it. Because sometimes we just simply don't know who is really that interested and who is just, you know, they're a fan and they'll write about us once in a while. Put it out there! Wear us down! Don't give up, because honestly we love when people keep in touch with us and say, "You know we talked last year and I my following might not have been that big, but now I just think this, and it's so great and I thought of you." Stick with it because it takes a little bit of time to build, but it just shows us how really how really interested you are.--
, Long-Term Relationships

You have to do better than well. You have to kick ass on your sample chapters. Spend the most time on these because an agent or editor with a slush pile of things to do, an overview, this is an intriguing platform. This person can sell the book. Sample chapters. That person can write. Then they get back into the table of contents. But your sample chapters are really have to awe people.
--Mike Adamick, Pitching the Book Publisher (The Non-Fiction Book Proposal)

What are the 10 brands, whether they're big corporation brands or small businesses, what are the 10 gets for you that if you were working with those companies, you would be really, really satisfied? And go and then from that, you're taking the idea of, like, why those companies. Why is there this synergy?
--Melissa Lanz, Perfect Pitch

To avoid getting yourself pulled into sounding either stupid or like a jerk [in an interview], which is what we're all afraid of: Never, ever speak for someone else. Never, ever speak about something you have not read or researched. I get asked all the time, "What did you think about that article last week in the Wall Street Journal about X?" My response is, "I have not read it; would you like to send me the link I can study up?" I would never, ever comment even if they say it's about X, Y and Z. (They're being so helpful right telling you what it's about) If you have not read it, don't comment on it. If they say you to, "Well, why do you think mommy bloggers act like this?" I could never speak for every blogger -- I mean bloggers, we're all so different. I know that I do this. I know that I think this. I, I, I, I, it's one time in your life to be completely me-focused. Speak in the first person.
--Elisa Camahort Page, Best Practices for Bloggers, brought to you by IAB

The question was which social media channels do you highlight? Highlight the ones you're active on. If you're small and you just have a Twitter account and/or just a Facebook page, highlight that. Again, this is where you're making yourself shine. So, if you have one Twitter follower, please leave that off. Because that's not compelling.
--Jolawn Victor, Beginner Marketing & Monetization Presentation: Media Kits

Did I miss any of your favorite quotes from BlogHer' 13? Let me know in the comments! (And if the transcription misattributed a quote, let me know that too.)


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