The Best Salem Halloween Ever!

Today, Mama & I just couldn't resist giving you Salem Halloween treat. Vermont is postponed till our next blog. :,D

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So the story goes, Mama & I decide to visit Salem one more time before leaving the Eastern Seaboard. And of coures, we end up at another Salem cemetery with supposed witches were buried; namely the infamous Giles Corey.

A cemetery historian tells us the tale of the man that was stoned to death for refusing to incriminate himself for the sake of others. Back then you were damned if your do, and damned if you don't.

"Giles Corey was a prosperous farmer and full member of the church. He lived in the southwest corner of Salem village. In April of 1692, he was accused by Ann Putnam, Jr., Mercy Lewis, and Abigail Williams of witchcraft. Ann Putnam claimed that on April 13 the specter of Giles Corey visited her and asked her to write in the Devil's book. Later, Putnam was to claim that a ghost appeared before her to announce that it had been murdered by Corey. Other girls were to describe Corey as "a dreadful wizard" and recount stories of assaults by his specter.

Why Corey was named as a witch (male witches were generally called "wizards" at the time) is a matter of speculation, but Corey and his wife Martha were closely associated with the Porter faction of the village church that had been opposing the Putnam faction. Corey, eighty years old, was also a hard, stubborn man who may have expressed criticism of the witchcraft proceedings.

Corey was examined by magistrates on April 18, then left to languish with his wife in prison for five months awaiting trial. When Corey's case finally went before the grand jury in September, nearly a dozen witnesses came forward with damning evidence such as testimony that Corey was seen serving bread and wine at a witches' sacrament. Corey knew he faced conviction and execution, so he chose to refuse to stand for trial. By avoiding conviction, it became more likely that his farm, which Corey recently deeded to his two sons-in-law, would not become property of the state upon his death.

The penalty for refusing to stand for trial was death by pressing under heavy stones. It was a punishment never before seen in the colony of Massachusetts. On Monday, September 19, Corey was stripped naked, a board placed upon his chest, and then--while his neighbors watched--heavy stones and rocks were piled on the board. Corey pleaded to have more weight added, so that his death might come quickly.

Samuel Sewall reported Corey's death: "About noon, at Salem, Giles Corey was press'd to death for standing mute." Robert Calef, in his report of the event, added a gruesome detail: Giles's "tongue being prest out of his mouth, the Sheriff with his cane forced it in again, when he was dying." Judge Jonathan Corwin ordered Corey buried in an unmarked grave on Gallows Hill.

Corey is often seen as a martyr who "gave back fortitude and courage rather than spite and bewilderment." His very public death may well have played in building public opposition to the witchcraft trials. ("

Local rumor has it that Corey collected money to free others that were unjustly imprisoned for accused witchcraft. It was well know, according to my cemetery source, that any unusual markings or handicap could target a person as using sorcerey, were imprisoned, then their families were extorted for funds in order to be release said family members.

The rumor of Corey collected funds from families and used his prominent position to help free those unjustly accused. When confronted by authorities to hand over the funds, Corey was accused then imprisoned and finally stoned to death as above mentioned.

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The Best Salem Halloween Ever!!


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