The Best Salmon Ever!!!

There are so many different ways to cook salmon and this is my favorite one.  I can't actually take credit for this one.  My brother taught me this recipe a couple years back at one of his summer bbq's, and it's amazing!  I have been cooking my salmon this way ever since.  I just can't get over this recipe, it truly is the best!!!!

Things you will need
One filet of Salmon
One lemon
2 Tbls of Mayonnaise (I use the light olive oil mayo)
2 Tbls of lemon pepper
Foil to make the tent 
1. With a butter knife, spread mayonnaise on salmon filet.
2. Sprinkle lemon pepper evenly on top of mayonnaise.
3. Cut thin lemon rounds and place on top of filet.  Note: (you can also add sliced white onion rounds on top of filet as well if your an onion lover.  Also adds more flavor.)

4. Make a foil tent around salmon and pinch sides shut to ensure the foil tent is sealed.  You want to make sure you leave quite a bit of space between the filet, and top of the foil.  (This will keep your salmon nice and moist, by creating a steam bath for it.)  Place onto a cookie sheet, and cook at 350 degrees for about 25-30 min. or until no longer dark pink in the center of filet.


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