Best Times to Post to Facebook? Just Listen.

posting to Facebook

Reading countless articles citing the best times for businesses to post to Facebook really gets under my skin. Here's why. The articles I read over and over are so matter of fact. I read very few that add the disclosure that individual businesses need to read their  analytics and decide on the best posting time based on their own numbers.

Using reports with valid statistics from studies is fine as you're getting started and jumping into social media. It definitely makes sense to start posting content at times that are determined to be highly engaging and most effective. However, after a few weeks of posting the stats from the study become irrelevant. Now, the most important numbers should be the ones that your page is generating.

When I start with a new business, I first make sure the page is looking great with a top-notch cover photo, profile pic and custom tabs. Then the client and I discuss in detail their target market and current client base.  We then develop some quality content and start posting at times that make the more sense for reaching their audience.

For instance, one of my pages, Boutique 280, focuses on moms of small children. Understand who my target audience is tells me that either posts need to go up before 7am (kids are getting ready for school), 8:30am (kids are in school), 1:30-2:30(naptime), and after 8:00pm (kids in bed).  Using these times I'm able to hit the stay at home moms and the working moms.  I typically only post one to two times a day on this page and I alternate the times.  Every week I look over the analytics and see if I'm still on track.  During spring break, holidays and summer break the analytics quickly change.

Another example is a client that has a business focused on health. Her audience is the most engaging in the early morning hours. Her engagement rate is higher between 6am-7:30am.  Posts that happen in mid morning show the least engagement. A recent report I read stating that you must post content at 8:30am would have us completely ignoring the best time to reach her fans.

Use the research studies to get your business postings started on Facebook. Don't use them as your only source of information. Your audience will tell you the best times to post. Listen to them.


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