Best Way for Parents to Not Protect Their Child


I took my youngest rock climbing the other day and it struck me. Her acrophobic Dad, safely planted on the ground, as Ella was at least five stories high, unafraid of her growing distance from the ground..

she's on her own. I can't entirely protect her anymore, if I ever truly could. But isn't that my job... protect?

While she's only eight, Ella's getting older. At times she can beat me in chess and can leave me winded behind her in a race. So, I guess I taught her how to fish as opposed to having just given her a fish.

It still pangs me though.

How did this happen so fast? With our first child, I guess I didn't notice how quickly time was flying by because we had another rising up right behind her. My wife told me that I'd eventually get it. Now I do.

But I wanted to move onto the next stage of life. Now...not so sure. Both of my girls are climbing high and I'm proud of them for that. I'm just concerned that if all I've ever been is the lead climber for all these years, can I comfortably make the switch to indifferently watch them fall from time to time?

I'm sure I'm not alone here. Any similar thoughts & if so, what's helped you move ahead?

-Greg Santomero