Best Weight Training Methods for Runners

I’m a couple weeks into my training plan and while the running and cross training is going well, I’m in search of a fun weight training regime to add into the mix. I’ve never done a great job of going to the gym and lifting weights. I can go and knock out planks, pushups, etc., but self-designing a weights regime to do a couple of days a week while training for races has never worked for me. I’d like something I can do in my living room at home (i.e. no equipment besides weights required).

I really think that being consistent with weight training will help my overall race training. I ensure to cross train by playing football and spin and barre classes. I make sure I take my rest days (obviously :) ). But my weight training plan is lacking. This Runners World article clearly lays out the benefits of strength training for runners. The article notes that, through various tests, runners who added a regular strength training component to their workouts noticed a 2.9% improvment in their running speed and capability. Given how tough last year’s half marathon was for me (remember?), I’ll take that!

What are your favorite strength training workouts to do while you are training for a race? I’ll take any and all recommendations!


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