Bethenny Frankel:Emulate the Bitch DON'T emulate the SKINNY!

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See that picture of Bethenny?

Well, even if you can’t see it I am sure most of you watched her last night,on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen if you are huge fans of hers!  I did not.  On the other hand, since I use to be a huge Reality Fan,  I have Andy’s Facebook page and the picture popped up and I was SHOCKED.

Why you ask?

I hope Bethenny Frankel gets help soon.  Really and truly look at her.  Her face, arms,neck! WOW!!! Bethenny does not look healthy. Please, women, do not, for the LOVE OF GOD try to emulate her or Rachel Zoe, another Bravo celebrity, gone FASHION sensation.

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They are not healthy but at least Rachel Zoe does not peddle  SKINNY products, just clothes.

Bethenny is thin here but still looks better! Look at her face,neck,arms and even her bottom!

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Remember When? Look how pretty!  I always thought Bethenny was pretty.

Now, not so much!

She looks ill; it is sad to watch.

Oh, I could care less about the RING. THE WEDDING RING!!! I know a lot of fans were speculating that Bethenny Frankel WAS NOT wearing her marital band in the top picture while on Andy Cohen’s show.  Listen, I think Bethenny plays games.  She always has!!   I think she screws with her fans and her husband.  Everything is planned.  Bethenny is one calculating lady.  I know you all think that is great because she is wealthy.  It is great if you know how to turn it off but I think Bethenny is a sad, lonely, manipulative person and she brings her business practices into her personal life.  Make no mistake this will transfer to her child too.  It can’t be helped, all parents do it!! Personally, I think, eventually the marriage will fail, just not sure exactly when, knowing Bethenny she will make sure it will benefit her.  Sadly, in my opinion Bethenny Frankel lives for the spotlight at any cost.

Anyway,  my main concern are for the women who think she looks beautiful!UGH!! NOOOOOO! Please do not follow in her eating habits.  For the love of GOD, please,please stop starving yourselves. Please stop doing the silly detoxing and eating weird.  USE Common sense! EAT fruits, vegetables, proteins and so on.  It is all about Portion control along with exercise and guess what, sometimes, have a snack.

In my opinion,Bethenny Frankel is not eating.  Bethenny at one time DID look beautiful and even then MANY of us could not fit that image, she had that NATURALLY THIN look,it was her bone structure. At the risk of REPEATING MYSELF, now BETHENNY is looking ill and she has for some time! It is sad to watch a woman waste away.

I know so many of you WORSHIP her and want to be JUST LIKE HER, I am begging you, JUST EAT! If you want to be manipulative,schemers and everything else GO FOR IT but  EAT!!!

Anyone else think Bethenny Frankel is starting to look sickly?

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