Better Have Lonely Sundays Than An Un Happy Life

One morning while I was getting ready for work The Happy Boy came to me and said "mom, everyone is going to think you have a boyfriend! You look so pretty and pretty girls have boyfriends". Yes, pretty girls have boyfriends so why I don't have one?
I had a boyfriend a couple of months ago but it lasted less than a month (and one month relationships does not count) so I can say I've been single for 3 years now. I have dated a couple of lucky guys but nothing formal or, as some would say, never exclusively. Why? Some because they chewed their food with their mouth open and some just because we wanted different things in life.
It is not that I don't have time or that I don't want a boyfriend but I can finally say I have my life where I want it to be. I still have things that I want to do but I am enjoying A LOT what I have right now and I am not willing to risk my happiness just to have a boyfriend. I don't care how overwhelmed I can feel sometimes for all the decisions I have to make by myself. Or what about those boring sundays watching The Notebook alone waiting for someone (other than your phone carrier) to text you?

Like this. Minus the cute guy.
The older I get the more demanding I am on regards to relationships because I've realized I don't NEED a boyfriend. The Happy Boy and me have being by ourselves since the beginning and its not that hard. Our life is busy, fun and happy and if someone is wiling to share that with us and make it even better he is more than welcome to do it but I wont let anyone take away the stability we have. With that being said, now you all understand why I would rather have a lonely sunday than an unhappy life. 
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