better than "just fine"

better than just fine


Every parent gets unsolicited advice.  It seems like when people encourage me to compromise on any of my parenting convictions it was always paired with the two words “JUST FINE”. “….oh, he’ll be just fine”;“my mom…. and I turned out just fine”; “when my babies did that I would …. and they are all just fine”
Well, what if I want better than "just fine"?  I do.  No one really even knows what they are saying.  In essence if they did it… and then you do it too… it is okay.  They may subconsciously still feel horrible about making a decision and be working to justify it.
They aren't TRYING to give you bad advice. It all comes down to the information people are provided.  My husband and I both took child development classes in high school and college.  We were both taught that the first three years are very important.  If I didn’t know that, I would have no problem allowing Levi to cry himself to sleep… getting him to sleep it the hardest part of my day THREE or FOUR times a day (2-3 naps and bedtime).  IT IS WORK.I am still learning and changing each day, and pray God will fill in my gaps and mistakes.  I think he already has. He is that sort of God.  The more I learn the harder being a parent is. It is a good hard, though. The hard thing and the right thing are usually the same thing. 


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