Better to look good then to feel good and these shoes look marvelous!

I have warped reasoning.  Really, I do.  Years ago, my neighbor had a store on EBay where she sold designer shoes.  I fell in love with a pair of Dolce and Gabanas.


 She only had one pair, and was never going to be able to get another pair.  Unfortunately they were way too small and narrow for my foot.  I was barely able to squeeze into them.  But, I didn’t care.   I HAD to have them!  I convinced myself that I could make them fit.  I bent them.  I stretched them with my fist.   I walked around the house in the thickest pairs of socks that I could find.  Nothing made a difference. 

It really didn’t matter to me.  I wore them anyway….well, for short periods of time that is.  If I wore them for more than a few hours, my pinky toes would turn completely numb. If I wore them longer, it would take about forty-five minutes for me to regain the feeling in my toes.

Over the years, whenever I would wear them my, foot pain would become apparent.  Whoever I was with would tell me I should take them to a shoe maker to professionally stretch them.  My reply was always the same, “I can’t risk the shoemaker ruining them.  I love them too much!”  At this point, whoever I was speaking with would roll their eyes as if I was crazy.  And, I guess, they were right.

Then finally, a few weeks ago, I wore them out to dinner with friends. I thought I was safe, since there wouldn’t be much walking involved.  However, when we got to the restaurant, we had to walk up a flight of stairs to get to our table.  Then, when I had to use the restroom, I had to walk down and up the same stairs.   When it was time to leave, my husband asked me if I was sure I didn’t need to take the elevator, as he saw me hobble along.  Too stubborn, I told him I was fine.  It took a while for the valet to return with our car.  I was ok for a short bit, but as the minutes ticked by, I had to give up.  I removed my shoes and stood on the street barefoot, waiting for our car.

My friend uttered the same words as everyone else has, “Why don’t you bring them to a shoe maker to stretch them?”

“I can’t.  What if he ruins them?” I replied.  “I can’t risk that.  I love them too much!”

Instead of rolling her eyes, she said, “You can’t wear them now.  It’s sort of the same as being ruined, right? Look at you standing here barefoot.  How much more can he ruin them? Maybe he can actually fix them, and you can actually wear them.  Did you ever think of that?”

Well, I didn’t.  But, I listened.  A few days later I brought them to the shoemaker by my office.  He stretched them for a week.  They were still a little snug, but better.  I left them for another week, and now they are not snug at all.  I can actually wear them!  Imagine that!

What crazy thing have you done for fashion?

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