Better Than Sex Cake (no mixing)

Better Than Sex Cake ( no mixing)

I got this recipe from an old Helpful Hints from Heloise book I bought at a garage sale.

1 can of crushed or chunk pinapple in heavy syrup

1 can of cherry pie filling (21 oz)

1 box of yellow cake mix ( I use the 50 cents a box Jiffy yellow cake mix)

1/2 or 1 cup of chopped pecans

1 stick of butter (Margarine is okay but not as good)

Heat oven to 350, spray a 9x13 pan of cooking spray, spread the pinapple evenly on bottom, spread the cherry pie filling on top of pinapple, spread yellow cake mix dry on top of the cherry pie filling add pecans on top of yellow cake  slice the butter in squares and spread evenly over top of cake.  Bake at 350 for 50 minutes or untill cake is golden. serve warm.


This is one wonderful, tasty easy to make cake one the best I have had using canned goods add a scoop of ice cream and it is heavenly. The first time I made this cake I ate 3/4 of it all by myself. Yes I have a weight problem.

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