Betty White Strikes Again. Could YOUR Facebook Fans Get You on SNL?

 Why is there a crocodile in a blog about Betty White?Everyone likes Betty White.

Depending on your generation, you remember her from her days on What’s My Line, Password or the Match Game, the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Golden Girls, or most recently her commercial for Snickers during the Superbowl. I remember her from all of these, but my favorite Betty White role has to be Lake Placid. Understand that I have a weakness for disaster films, so when the chance to see a movie about a giant crocodile eating people in a pristine lake in Maine came up, I jumped at the chance. What a cool surprise to see Betty White as a cantankerous resident, who took gleeful pride in feeding the crocodile. Not only did she feed him, but as he grew bigger his diet consisted of several cows, and Betty’s husband!

Partially because of the popularity of the Superbowl Snickers commercial, her legions of fans started to petition NBC to have her host Saturday Night Live. The Facebook fan page has more than 500, 000 fans, and it worked. Betty White will be the host of SNL on May 8th, just before Mother’s Day. Not only that, it was announced yesterday that she’s going to be starring in a new sitcom on TVLand, airing in June, called “Hot in Cleveland”. Click here to see the teaser.

So what’s the attraction? Are we just happy to see an 88 year old woman getting parts? Would we still think it was funny if we ran into a foul-mouthed octogenarian in Fairway (and believe me there are plenty of them in there)? Or our mothers mouthed off to us like that?

What’s your favorite Betty White role? I forgot to mention my second favorite which has to be her guest spots on Boston Legal, as the one woman who had James Spader’s number…


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