Betty's Bests: Top 5 Best Places to Meet the Guy of Your Dreams

Forget about the bar scene - has the inside scoop on where to find the BEST guys! -The Bettys,

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It's February and love is in the air ... whether you're ready or not. For the millions of single women out there, Valentine's season can be a painful, in-your-face reminder of the flowers that won't be delivered and the romantic evening that won't be happening on February 14th.

That's why - after extensive research - has compiled a list of the FIVE BEST PLACES to find the kind of guy you're looking for, whether it's a hottie, a husband, or - yes, a second husband! Forget the nightclubs, bars, and online dating sites - Betty has the inside scoop on the REAL places to hit up for Mr. Right.

1. Betty's Best ... Place to Meet Hot Guys: CHIPOTLE

The Bettys discovered that, come lunchtime, the popular chain Chipotle is overflowing with an inordinate number of very attractive men. From those with closely cropped hair in crisp business shirts of white and blue, to the sweaty, tan, muscled, t-shirt-clad crews of college guys, it's not just the food heating up the place!

2. Betty's Best ... Place to Find a Date: WHOLE FOODS

It doesn't take a half a brain to figure out that a guy who shops at WHOLE FOODS is probably pretty healthy (Translation: No couch potatoes, beer drinking, football watching, thinking he's got it going on here), is conscientious about something (Translation: The environment, animals, human rights, his mother) and likes to do the active things in life (Translation: Kayaking, hiking, international travel). Plus: Check out Betty's tips on HOW to make the connection once you're in the store.

For more on the Whole Foods dating scene, check out Betty's story of how a woman found happily ever after there, and how our L.A. correspondent, Carrie Seim, found affirmation of her meant-to-be status with a hot doctor at none other than Whole Foods.

3. Betty's Best ... Place to Meet a Sexy, Fit Guy: TRIATHLONS

When you're searching for a man with a gold medal body, mind and spirit - look no further than the starting line of a triathlon. These running/swimming/biking fools are literally a triple threat. The next time you're hankering for a healthy hunk, trot yourself down to a triathlon and cheer on some studs from the sidelines. Or better yet, start training for a race near you and get yourself fit while you're fishing for guys. An added bonus: When you swim, bike and run (usually two of those every day, six days a week), you never have to worry about what you eat!

4. Betty's Best ... Place to Be a Single Woman: ALASKA

We've all heard how hard it is to find Mr. Right in New York City (hey, wasn't there a whole show dedicated to that?), so we decided to find out the best places to be a single gal in America. And - at the very top of our list - ALASKA! In a nutshell, here's why: Alaska has 114 men for every 100 single women, according to the U.S. Census. Now those are odds we like!

Granted, there has to be more than a bounty of available men to make a place attractive. Betty discovered that there are not only a ton of available men, but a plethora of arts and cultural events - not to mention the great job market, unsurpassable natural beauty, and a never-ending supply of outdoor activities and groups.

Click here to read more and to see our 4 runner-up best places to be a single woman.

5. Betty's Best ... Place to Meet Your Second Husband: A PLAYGROUND ON SATURDAY

For most divorced moms, dating is a much trickier and more daunting affair (no pun indented) that it was the first time around. So - what's a mom to do? Hit the playground on a Saturday! Why? Because that's when all the divorced dads are out with their kids - giving you a prime opportunity to scope out and connect with the REAL Mr. Right.

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