So stressed out with Bert's episodes of binging. however in hindsight, which is all that remains, I wouldn't change one bit of the experience. I learned so much about life, compassion and perserverance as well as the skills of Public Relations, sales and marketing, real estate and most importantly how to survive in man's world in the Male dominated country of Mexico. As  the saying goes. "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

There were days and nights when Bert went missing and my heart was in criticle fear. the night that he had found a drinking buddie and drove him to the airport 7 kms away it the Zihuatanejo airport, both being blind drunk. Bert didn't return that night. The next day I walked the beach in Ixtapa ( my only day off from work), praying all the while for his safe return. At 2:00 pm that afternoon there was a knock at my door and I was stunned but relieved to see my dear sweet love covere in blood , head wrapped in bandages, colorless from the loss of blood. The story I was told was that he had been run off the road by an oncoming car, landed in a deep and obscure ravine . His passenger evicted the car and ran off to God know where. leaving Bert trapped  as the engine had been pushed forward into the front  the car leaving him between the steering wheel and the seat. , head bleeding from his head hitting and breaking the windshield. He said that he was trapped there all night, until the next morning when some farmers found him and extracated him from our little Renu. They took him to a little clinic in a nearby bareo where the Dr. did the best he was capable of to stitch up his wounded forehead. The farmers then returned with their tractor to pull the little car out of the ravine and drop it at a nearby mechanic. Amazingly the mechanic was able to push the engine back in place and the car continued to serve us for 3 more years.

There was a brief haitus from the alchohol consumption until the scare of the experience had worn off. I could catch my breath momentarily. At this point you're probably wondering why an  intelligent, beautiful and talented woman would remain in this chaotic situation. I often asked myself the same question. What else can I say except that I adored this man and I knew that from my Buddhist beliefs we were pulled together to help one another change some deep karma from the distant past.. I loved the man's sould, sprit intellect and  this was the first time in my life that anyone had loved unconditionally .

I had never seen a man so consumed with guilt. Guilt for the break up of a nearly impossible relationship with the mother of his children. A woman that was so possesive and controlling that this Aquarian man could not have survived spiritually had he remained. The unfortunate part of this story is that in divorcing her he lost his 2 beautiful children during some of their most formtive years. He was absent from not only his children's lives  but also his family's. the had hired private detectives to find him to no avail. His Jewish guilt, (yes it really does exist due to going against some of the strict Ortodox teachings). The children's issues of abandonment still affect their lives even now as adults with their own families.

In my next episode I will share the amaxing story of their reunion and how I was to meet this little family of 3  on a magical night in late August of 1980.

                                                                 to be continured



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