In Between the Pages of a Magazine


I am beginning a new lesson in my Junior High Art Classes. It is a word self-portrait; involving the students cutting out words from magazines that describe them.

To my delight, I found a stack of magazines in the staff lunch room at school. I scooped them up, took them back to my classroom, and perused the pages to make certain there wasn’t anything inappropriate.

Every other page was either about how to lose weight, or about sex, or had half-naked women with flawless bodies. There were too many pages of inappropriateness for me to tear out! I recycled them all!

I am glad I was able to save my students from that tragedy; however, I did not save myself.  The magazine encounter was about a week ago. In between the pages of a magazine I found unworthiness…I found shame…I found discontent with my body…I found a diminished self-image…I found my beauty diminished.

For a week now, I’ve felt these terrible things about myself and I actually believed them too! All because of what those magazines were selling and what I bought… discontentment and dissatisfaction. Once I realized that this is what had happened. I had to do some damage control with my worthiness and my self-image. So, this is what I convinced myself of…

I am beautiful! Not because of my size…small, medium, or large. Not because of my shape…apple, pear, or banana. Not because of anything that you can see from just looking at me.  I am beautiful because… I. AM. GOD’S. CHILD. And, that beauty, my friends, cannot be sold or bought or even advertised in between the pages of a magazine. 


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