Changing the Shave Game with Bevel

Bevel has partnered with BlogHer and asked our bloggers to have the men in their lives try the Bevel shaving system. Made for people with coarse and curly hair,  it's been clinically tested and barber approved to reduce and prevent razor bumps and irritation. The Bevel shaving kit includes a razor, blades, brush, priming oil, shaving cream, and a restoring balm for the ultimate shaving experience. Learn more about Bevel here and check out their reviews!

Bevel or Beard? Bevel Woos with a Smooth Face Look

The differences come in his hair texture & thickness & curliness that I am not entirely familiar with. This might not matter at all except that we have two littles that I have to learn to care for as well. Barber shop days have become a part of our lives, and they're mostly with dad (it's like a man's day) but I've had to take them at times too. However, when we're in France it's harder for him to find a barber and......more

The Bevel Razor Helps Maintain My Husband's Chocolate Drop!

I think my husband is one of the sexiest men on earth. He has a football player's build, deep voice and a sexy chocolate bald head. Now remember ladies, I said he's married! Since my husband won't let his hair grow due to what he consider to be thin patches in his hair from wearing a football helmet, he keeps it shaved. This shaving process happens 3-4x's a week and while the end result is a semi smooth head - I say semi because he uses clippers - the only problem is hair gets ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE!...more

Bevel Brings Out the Sexy In Shaving

I really appreciate having a man with facial hair. There’s something about it that really completes a look. My dad and my brothers weren’t ever really able to grow any—but my fiancé is a totally different story. The first time we saw the Bevel kit, we were stunned....more

Bevel Shaving Products Gifting

So one of the things I don't have as much time for, now that I'm a mom to a bubbly newborn who needs tons of attention, is shopping for gifts for my significant other. In year's past, I would spend hours perusing the mall or the streets or online to find the perfect gift for my boyfriend on special occasions like his birthday, our anniversary, etc. This year, it's all about what's easy and simple yet still useful for him....more

How to Bevel the Heck Out of Your Man

And you're wondering what that means? Well, read on! The Bible says that there is more blessing in giving than there is in receiving, and I couldn't agree more. There's a wonderful, wonderful feeling that comes with knowing that someone is smiling because of what you have given them. It's almost selfish to have this wonderful feeling....more

Bevel Is Changing the Shaving Game

Bevel is changing the shaving game for coarse-haired men and I am so excited! ... for my dad... I remember from a very young age my dad having exactly 4 million razors in an oversized mug. I think he'd use them once or twice then they would somehow fail him and go into the mug never to be used again. I later learned that he was searching for "the one."...more